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Beneath the Streetlamp is my BFA Thesis game (Cleveland Institute of Art, 2019) where you are given a poem describing a place where two lovers will meet, and you must find the clues within the poem to make that place. This is a version with the beta of Level 2 added on, pretty please give me feedback on how the game made you feel and if there were any bugs you experienced! Stay tuned for updates, reworks, and news!

Update 5/25/2019: I was able to fix the game breaking bug of buttons in level 1 dissapearing behind the tree. Also Now in level 2 button highlights should be working again and you can now see the star particles when you place an item in the right spot. In the future I'm aiming to refine the artwork for level 2 and get new music. Thanks so much for your support everyone!

Install instructions

How to run:

  1. Download the Zip file and unzip it to where you want to keep the game files
  2. Open the folder Level2Beta then open the folder WindowsNoEditor and double click on the  application, BFA Programming Test (It's hard to change names of unreal projects, sorry)
  3. The game should soon  open, and play away!


Level2Beta.zip 458 MB


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Please leave feedback here or you can email me at Pamelapizarroruiz@gmail.com !